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This page will give you some ideas as you think about building your own website.  

Animated Images

Using a technique called "animated gifs" we can add movement to any picture.  Wait till this page finishes loading, then move your mouse over the wrench at the right and watch it spring into action.  (You don't need to click it, just point to it). 

Hover Buttons

When you move your mouse over certain objects on the screen, the objects change in appearance.  

To see one use of hover buttons, take a look at the graphics at the bottom of this page.  As you "hover" your mouse over each image, you'll see the words are highlighted in blue (then come back up to this "Hover Button" section).

Chat Rooms

Add a chat room to your site for an easy and inexpensive way to interact with your visitors. Unlike many chat rooms on other sites, ours are free from distracting advertisements.


One of our specialties is to help you add streaming  video to your site.  ("Streaming" means that the visitor can click on your video and begin watching immediately as it "streams" over the Internet, without having to download the entire video first.)  We can help you quickly convert your videos and put them on your web site to make them available to people worldwide.  


Audio can also give your site added impact.  Audio can be added to any page. On the higher end, we can add CD-quality audio files to your site, which can be played using streaming audio. 

Recommend-It Forms

We can create custom forms that will allow your visitors to recommend your site to their friends.  Word-of-mouth is a great way to promote your site to others on the Internet. 

Search Engines

People often find your site using search engines like Alta Vista, Yahoo, or Google.  At your request, we'll submit information about your site to the top 15 search engines that are currently being used worldwide.  

To give your site a higher ranking in search engines, we can also create custom "meta tags" for your site.  These tags contain a description of your site, along with specific keywords that you define that you think will draw people your site.  To see the meta tags on this page, click "View", then "Source" in your browser.  Look near the top of the source page for the "meta" tags called "description" and "keywords."


These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  We'll be glad to suggest others that will specifically enhance your site.  

For more information, or if you're ready to go, just send a note to e r i c ( A T ) 1 0 1 s i t e s . c o m  To learn more about me and my experience on the web, click the link below.

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