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Take a tour through some of our recent  projects to get a feel for the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each site we build.  To visit any of these websites, just click on the title.  Use your "back" button to return to this page. 

The Ranch

The Ranch is a spiritual retreat center on the Internet.  With its beautiful panoramic pictures and generous amounts of "white space" on each page, this site has a spacious look and feel.  This site also features some of the most advanced Internet technologies available such as live Internet broadcasts, streaming audio and video, chat rooms, and more. 


Bright Blue and Schoolbus Yellow set the tone for this fun and encouraging website for kids.  Features some of the best games on the Internet, like Asteroids and Tailgunner, plus jokes, music and encouraging stories.  Try to avoid the ants on the games page!  This was a fun site to create, and showcases how a website can be truly interactive.


Showcases several strikingly beautiful piano CD's.  The site includes several special effects to give the site extra dazzle, such as falling snow on the Christmas CD and spinning CD icons used for navigation.  Visitors can listen to samples from each CD and order directly from the website.

Texaco Online

For almost ten years I worked in Texaco's Advanced Technology Group researching new computer technologies that could make a difference for the company.  When the world wide web began to emerge, I spent two years creating Texaco's first website.  The site has undergone several changes since I left the company in 1995.  It now requires ten webmasters to oversee this massive, truly worldwide website.  


As my own enterprises began taking shape, I needed to create one site to capture the various aspects of what I do, hence the birth of ericelder.com.  Through the use of drop-shadows and multiple rich colors, this site conveys the multiplicity of activities in which I have become involved.  Its also the place where I can showcase my own family, as in this page for our little Bo Judah.

Internet Media Resources

This site (the one you're looking at) will give you several ideas for creating your own web sites.  The site uses a "construction" theme with photo-realistic images to provide a consistent look and feel throughout the site.  On the following pages, you'll find more ideas to get your creative juices flowing as you think about building your own site. 

Your Site!

We can start work on your site whenever you're ready.  Be sure to visit the following pages on web design, web hosting and special services.  And before you leave, take a look at our "Idea Builder" page for more ideas about how you can make the most out of the Internet.

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